Multiple monitors on a MacBook Pro?

Reader Richard Troxel wants to view the wide open spaces from his MacBook Pro. He writes:

Is it possible to use both a 30” and 23” Apple Cinema Display monitors with a 17” MacBook Pro?

Currently, no. Although you can connect Apple’s 30” display to your MacBook you need another video card to drive an additional monitor. You could do this with an older PowerBook via its PC Card slot and a device such as VillageTronic’s VTBook and Digital Tigers’ SideCar Mac.

Apple has chosen to look toward the future with its MacBook Pro and has replaced the now-old-tech PC Card slot with the faster, new-tech ExpressCard/34 slot. Regrettably, there are precious few ExpressCards out there and no ExpressCard video cards. A Digital Tigers representative tells me that they’ll offer an ExpressCard version of the SideCar in the fall.

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