Steve Jobs’ presentation to the press on Tuesday lasted a little more than an hour. But in that time, the Apple CEO completely overhauled the company’s iPod offerings, introduced a major update to iTunes, launched a movie download business, and—in a major departure from Apple’s playbook—previewed a product that won’t be available for at least four more months.

Not bad for an hour’s work.

In this special edition of the Macworld Podcast, we present some audio highlights from Jobs’ appearance, including the latest on each iPod model, enhanced iPod games, the arrival of full-length movies at the iTunes store, an appearance by Disney CEO Bob Iger, and a sneak peak at Apple’s iTV.

Regular podcast host Christopher Breen will be back Wednesday with a follow-up podcast featuring more on these latest announcements. If you’ve got a question for Chris, send him an e-mail, or post it in the forum thread below.

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Show Notes

You’ll find a wealth of coverage of Tuesday’s product news at and Playlist —you’ll find complete coverage here. We’ve got the details on the new video iPods, iPod nanos, and iPod shuffles. We’ve followed up our initial coverage of iTunes 7 and the addition of movie downloads with a first look at iTunes 7 plus Bob Iger’s comments on the iTunes movie offerings. And we wrap things up with a brief look at iTV and what it means for Apple’s overall digital media efforts.

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