4-Sight Fax v7 released, now a Universal binary

After a public beta testing period first announced in August, Soft Solutions has released 4-Sight Fax version 7, an updated version of its Mac OS X-based fax server software. Pricing varies on the size of the license, but starts at $575.

With 4-Sight Fax Server installed on a networked Mac that’s equipped with a fax modem, users from anywhere on the network can send faxes without needing a modem of their own connected to an outside line. It supports multiple fax lines and features client support for Macs and Windows computers alike (the server component requires a Mac, however).

New to this release is Universal binary support for Intel-based Mac servers (Universal binary support for Intel-based Mac clients is still in beta but expected to be released this month), and modem support that now includes all Apple internal modems, Apple’s USB modem and MultiTech’s 5634ZBA-DID Router/Modem, among others.

The new release also provides direct client access to the server’s address book; authorized client users can now add, edit and delete address book entirely on the server. Client address book import speed has been dramatically improved, individual fax client users can customize fax printing options, and a new suite of archive and search tools have been added. Users can view archived faxes in either TIFF or PDF format.

A server-side Receipt Confirmation feature helps businesses that need audit trails; fax annotation tools now let users draw, write, type, copy, paste, erase, undo and save modified faxes. And a new intelligent dock item displays the number of unread faxes received. Other changes have also been made.

System requirements call for Mac OS 9 or Mac OS X and PowerPC or Intel-based Mac. Soft Solutions notes that version 7 will support Mac OS X v10.5 “Leopard” within 30 days of Leopard’s public release.

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