Christian game maker offers new trivia, dance titles

Digital Praise has announced some new games for families look for Christian-themed software: Solomon Says for Kids: Volume Two: Amazing animals, and Dance Praise Expansion Pack, Volume 3: Pop & Rock Hits. They both cost $24.95 and are available for Mac OS X and Windows.

Solomon Says is a trivia game. This installation quizzes kids on creatures like birds, mammals, fish, insects, reptiles and more, with King Solomon himself as the host of the game show. One, two or three players compete to answer more than 500 questions derived from Bible passages. Players can select from several different animals as their character for the game, and as they reach higher point score, they'll unlock more animals. There are three levels of difficulty.

Suitable for ages 7 and up, Solomon Says requires a G3 or better, Mac OS X v10.0 or later, 120MB hard disk space, 128MB RAM, CD-ROM drive and 16MB VRAM.

Solomon Says can also work with the Dance Praise dance pad, a USB-based input device that Digital Praise sells along with its Dance Praise game, a dancing game like Dance Dance Revolution that uses a soundtrack of Christian musicians.

Dance Praise Expansion Pack Volume 3: Pop & Rock Hits features 35 songs from Christian pop music stars like Joy Williams, Stacie Orrico, Relient K and others. It's an add-on for the original Dance Praise, sold separately, which encourages kids to get up and dance in front of their computers, using a USB-based input device that rests on the floor and has them step on special squares in time with the music.

This third expansion pack works with or independently of the other two expansion packs, Modern Worship and Hip-Hop/Rap. Dance Praise players can set playlists, arrange by artist, title or difficulty level, and can use color-coding to distinguish between the three expansion packs.

Suitable for all ages, Dance Praise requires a G3/400 or better, Mac OS X v10.0 or later, 130MB hard disk space, 128MB RAM and CD-ROM drive.

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