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There’s no easier way to save time online then to learn keyboard shortcuts for the browser actions you do the most. Here are some of the most useful shortcuts for Safari and Firefox. I’ve assumed you’ve turned on tabbed browsing in Safari by going to Safari: Preferences, clicking on Tabs and choosing the Enable Tabbed Browsing option. (Tabbed browsing is on by default in Mozilla Firefox.) Some of the Safari shortcuts will react differently if you have not.

Speed Surfing

Action Apple Safari Shortcut Mozilla Firefox Shortcut
Open a new window ⌘-N ⌘-N
Open a new tab ⌘-T ⌘-T
Open link in new window ⌘-option-click Shift-click
Open link in new background tab ⌘-click ¹ ⌘-Shift-click
Open link in new tab ⌘-shift-click ¹ ⌘-click
Stop loading page ⌘-. or Esc ⌘-. or Esc
Reload page ⌘-R ⌘-R or F5
Go back one page ⌘-[ or Delete or ⌘-Left arrow ⌘-[ or Delete or ⌘-Left arrow
Go forward one page ⌘-] or ⌘-Right arrow ⌘-] or ⌘-Right arrow
Open Home page ⌘-shift-H option-Home
Select the Search field ⌘-option-F No shortcut
Find text in page ⌘-F ⌘-F
Select next tab ⌘-shift-] or ⌘-shift-Right Arrow Ctrl-Tab or ⌘-option-Right Arrow or Ctrl-Page Down
Select previous tab ⌘-shift-[ or ⌘-shift-Left Arrow Ctrl-shift-tab or ⌘-option-Left Arrow or Ctrl-Page Up
Add bookmark ⌘-D ⌘D
Show bookmarks ⌘-option-B ⌘B
Increase text size ⌘-plus sign (+) ⌘-plus sign (+)
Decrease text size ⌘-minus sign (–) ⌘-minus sign (–)
E-mail contents of the current page ⌘-I ² No shortcut
E-mail link to the current page ⌘-shift-I No shortcut
Scroll down one screen Page Down or Space bar Space bar
Scroll up one screen Page Up or shift-Space bar Shift-Space bar
Go to bottom of page ⌘-Down Arrow End
Go to top of page ⌘-Up Arrow Home
View Downloads window ⌘-option-L ⌘-J
View Activity window (Safari) ⌘-option-A No shortcut

¹ These two shortcuts are reversed if you’ve gone to Safari: Preferences and selected the Select New Tabs As They Are Created option.
² This feature doesn’t work with Microsoft Entourage

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