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Macworld Gear Guide 2006

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Gear for the Fashion-Conscious

Hardware, software—active wear? Hey, some users want to wear their love for the Mac somewhere other than on their sleeves. And they can do exactly that, with the following items:

  • Gear for less than $30: G4 Cube T-Shirt
    iPod Nano Uptown Clutch
    Sports Sensor+
  • Gear for $61 to $150: Power Jacket
  • Dress for obsolescence

    When Apple released the Power Mac G4 Cube, in August 2000, you embraced its elegant design, compact form factor, and powerful (for its time) performance. Unfortunately, you were just about the only one who did—Apple discontinued the Cube less than a year after its debut, and you mourned that loss as you would the loss a loved one. Thanks to RedLightRunner—your online source for Apple-themed T-shirts, posters, and knickknackery—you can pick up a retro G4 Cube T-shirt to show your everlasting devotion to the Cube, and to prove to all those doubters, once and for all, that you were right about this sleek desktop and that they were wrong.—PHILIP MICHAELS

    G4 Cube shirt

    G4 Cube T-shirt: $30; RedLightRunner

    ipod nano uptown clutch
    Pretty in pink

    iPod nano owners who appreciate sleek and streamlined silhouettes—and that pretty much covers all of them, I’d guess—will appreciate the look-and-feel of Pacific Design’s iPod Nano Uptown Clutch. The accessory elegantly combines a strappy clutch wallet that lets you carry around the necessities—ID, credit cards, and cash—with a carrying case for your nano. There’s even a mesh storage pouch to stash your earbuds and cables in. The Precious Pink model shown below blends nicely with one of the colors of the second-generation nanos; the Uptown Clutch is also available in Rich Brown, Jet Black, Sky Blue, and Cherry Red.—PM

    iPod Nano Uptown Clutch: $30; Pacific Design

    Just do it—with another pair of shoes

    The $29 Nike + iPod Sport Kit is a great way to get real-time feedback during your workout, courtesy of a wireless sensor that slips neatly beneath a shoe’s insole—as long as the shoe in question is a Nike+ shoe, a pair of which will set you back $85 to $110. But what if you prefer to run (or walk) in shoes not emblazoned with Nike’s logo (and not bearing a Nike price tag)? Marware’s Sportsuit Sensor+ is an elegant protective enclosure for sensors that don’t have a Nike+ home. This fitted, water-resistant, Velcro-closure pouch slides easily under your shoelaces and wraps over the top of them, so you can secure the sensor for a long run. And the pouch is inexpensive enough that you can buy a handful—so you can easily share a sensor with loved ones or among your many pairs of kicks.—JEFF MERRON

    sportsuit sensor

    Sportsuit Sensor+: $10; Marware

    JanSport Power Jacket
    Now that’s what we call a loud jacket

    In the ever-expanding world of “iPod-enabled” jackets, JanSport’s new Power Jacket for men may be the best yet. Made of water-resistant soft-shell fabric and lined with fleece, the form-fitting but stretchy Power Jacket is perfect for active listeners. Your iPod fits in an internal pocket near the jacket’s waist; a soft-button pad on the chest lets you control playback and volume. (Your headphones connect to a headphone minijack near the neck.) The controls are easy to use, and the jacket—available in green, gray, and black—is comfortable and attractive—what more could you want?—DAN FRAKES

    Power Jacket: $150; JanSport

    Feel the burn, not the wires

    Feel the burn, not the wires

    When you’re working out at the gym while enjoying the strains of your favorite playlist, the last thing you want to happen is to get tangled up in your headphone cables. Malachi and Company’s PodWear shirts offer a unique solution: a small pouch at the bottom holds your iPod nano or shuffle, while loops on the shoulder and side keep the cables snug against your body. You have easy access to your player while the shirt prevents the cords from getting caught on arms, hands, and equipment. (Larger iPods fit in the pouch, but their weight pulls the shirt down a bit too much.) Lightweight, form-fitting, and quick-drying, PodWear shirts are also very comfortable—like the iPod, they’re a great addition to a workout routine.—DF


    PodWear $28; Malachi and Company

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