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Kensington Ci60 Optical Wireless Mouse

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The Kensington Ci60 has a great degree of functionality. With four user-programmable buttons (which you can set with Kensington’s MouseWorks software) and a clickable scroll wheel, this wireless mouse allows users to hit button combinations to perform general and application-specific tasks. It has rubber grips on its sides, two buttons and a scroll wheel on its top, and two buttons located just above the thumb in a right-handed configuration.

The included USB cable for the wireless receiver is a nice touch. If the back of your machine is nearly flush with the wall, the cable will still fit and allow you to plug in the receiver.

However, the Ci60 performs detailed tracking tasks in Photoshop relatively poorly—it has a tendency to be slightly jerky, especially when tracking slowly, causing the cursor to jump from point to point on the screen rather than moving fluidly. Whether this is a problem with the radio frequency (RF) signal or with optical tracking is hard to say, but in either case it’s a no-go for users who need any degree of precision tracking.

Similarly, the clunky scroll wheel offered less-than-precise vertical scrolling, scrolling incrementally along pages rather than smoothly. I was likewise unimpressed with this mouse’s battery features: the AA batteries are not rechargeable (an environmental no-no), there’s no easy way to determine the battery’s charge, and there’s no on/off switch to preserve battery life.

Macworld’s buying advice

Kensington Ci60 Wireless Optical Mouse is acceptable for basic uses, but falls short of my overall expectations. The MouseWorks software is top-notch, and it has lots of programmable buttons that power users will like, but the subpar tracking and poor power features are probably deal-killers for anyone who demands precision.

[ Mathew Honan is a San Francisco-based freelance writer and photographer. His blog can be found at ]

Kensington Ci60 Optical Wireless Mouse
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