Reach out and touch new Mac keyboards and mice

Macworld ’s reviewers looked at some of the newest and most innovative mice and keyboards to give you a snapshot of the many input devices on the market today. Please see our January issue for additional keyboard, mouse, and combo keyboard-mouse reviews.


  • Evoluent Mouse Friendly Keyboard :  
  • Adesso Slimmedia Mini Keyboard :  
  • BenQ DeskSaver Companion :  
  • Mice

  • Evoluent Vertical Mouse 2 :  
  • Kensington Ci60 Optical Wireless Mouse :  
  • MacMice Danger Mouse :  
  • MacMice The Mouse BT II :  
  • RadTech BT600 Wireless Desktop Mouse :  
  • Apple Wireless Mighty Mouse :  
  • While many mice can be used with either hand equally well, left-handed people often feel left out when it comes to specialty and ergonomic mice, which are usually designed for right-handers. Dan Frakes explores the phenomenon of left-handed mice and why there are so few of them.

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