Creating the endless DVD

Reader Jane Williams would like to give her audience very little choice when viewing her iDVD projects. She writes:

How can we burn a QuickTime movie in iDVD that will loop but will not have a menu?

Like so:

Open a new iDVD project and click the DVD Map button (the one just to the right of the Play button at the bottom of the window).

At the top of resulting pane you’ll see a box that reads “Drag content here to automatically play when the disc is inserted.” Do as it suggests and drag your QuickTime movie to this autoplay box.

Click this box to select it and choose Advanced -> Loop Movie.

Save your project and burn it. When you shove the disc into your DVD player and press Play (or insert the disc into your Mac’s media drive, which is configured, by default, to automatically play DVDs), the movie you dragged to the autoplay area will play… and play… and play.

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