2006 in review: The year's most popular stories

What was on the mind of Mac users during the past 12 months? Here are the most highly-trafficked stories posted at Macworld.com in 2006.

Top 10 stories

1. Macworld Expo live keynote coverage

Our blow-by-blow coverage of Steve Jobs’ keynote to kick off the 2006 Macworld Expo in January included iLife and iWork updates as well as the debut of Intel-based Macs.

2. Intel mini, iPod Hi-Fi unveiled

More live coverage of Apple product unveilings features the Intel-based Mac mini plus Apple’s iPod Hi-Fi—an integrated stereo system designed for dockable iPods.

3. Apple’s greatest hits: 30 significant products

To mark Apple’s 30th anniversary, we counted down the Apple products that we felt had the biggest impact during the last three decades.

4. ‘Showtime’ event coverage

At this September event, Steve Jobs unveiled the revamped iPod line, announced Apple’s plan to sell movies via the iTunes Store, and previewed the iTV set-top box.

5. First Lab Tests: iMac with Intel Core Duo processor

Our initial tests of the first Mac powered by an Intel processor showed speed gains over its G5-based predecessor when running native applications.

6. Two-way street: Moving music off the iPod

Christopher Breen’s January 2005 article on moving music off your iPod and onto your computer proved so popular, we updated it to include new information on iTunes 7 and the latest versions of file-swapping utilities.

7. Apple’s new MacBook

After spending a day with the MacBook following its May debut, Jason Snell shared his impression on what was new and interesting with the Intel Core Duo-powered laptops.

8. MacBook Pro: What you need to know

You had questions following the January unveiling of the MacBook Pro; we supplied answers to the most common ones.

9. From the Lab: XP-on-Mac benchmarks

When Apple’s Boot Camp let Intel-based Macs run Windows XP, our Lab looked at how those machines performed versus other PCs.

10. Opening up the Intel Mac mini

When we got our hands on an Intel Mac mini, Jason Snell pried the desktop open for the first photographs of its inner workings.

Top 5 reviews

1. MacBook Pro/1.83GHz and 2GHz

While the original MacBook Pro’s new internal architecture makes it noticeably faster than its G4-based predecessor—and blazingly faster in certain high-end tasks—it’s still comfortably a Mac laptop.

2. MacBook/1.83GHz and 2GHz

The debut MacBook was very impressive—not just when we compared it to the iBooks and PowerBook it replaced, but also when we stacked it up against the MacBook Pro.

3. Core Duo iMacs debut speedy new chips

This desktop ushered in the Intel era for Macs in style.

4. Intel-based Mac minis

The first Intel-based Mac minis came with significantly upgraded features, home-entertainment capabilities…and a higher price tag compared to the G4-based models.

5. Parallels Desktop for Mac

Intel-based Mac users who have the need or desire to work with other operating systems discovered a valuable tool in Parallels Desktop for Mac.

Top 5 blog posts

1. Opening up the Intel Mac mini

The 10th most popular story of the year is our most popular blog entry as well.

2. Boot Camp, Mac cultists, and Windows salvation

USA Today’s Andrew Kantor thinks Mac users are a bunch of lunatics. Thankfully, Boot Camp will make us all see the light.

3. DVD to iPod made easy

Mac Gems columnist Dan Frakes reviews HandBrake Lite.

4. Yes, the iMac does Windows

Jason Snell discovers that the ability to run Windows on an Intel-based Mac is a good thing…even if it is a little creepy.

5. The Intel roller-coaster ride

After six months of anticipation, Apple’s Intel transition began in full force at January’s Macworld Expo.

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