Garmin 'still working' on OS X-native software

Global Positioning System (GPS) hardware maker recent announcement of new Mac software for runners, bikers and other outdoor sports enthusiasts has led some Mac users to wonder where the rest of their promised Mac software is. Garmin says they’re still working on it, though they’re unable to say when it will be released.

Late last week Garmin announced the forthcoming release of Training Center software for Mac OS X. The software works with Garmin’s Forerunner and Edge series fitness products, helping runners, bikers, kayakers and others to record, analyze and store data from their activities. It records pace, speed, heart rate and elevation based on time and distance, and lets users categorize data by the type of activity. Garmin plans to offer free copies of Training Center at Macworld Expo next month, and will release the software for free online later this month.

At Macworld Expo 2006, Garmin announced plans to support the Mac with Mac OS X versions of the interface software for its GPS mapping systems and electronic devices. The company followed up in March by enabling partial Mac support for its Web site, which collects GPS data and analyzes it for endurance and outdoor athletes.

In late June, Garmin announced unanticipated delays in Mac support, and pushed the time frame back to 2006, commencing with the release of Training Center.

“Also, at that time, we will announce the expected completion date for Garmin’s other hardware and software applications,” read a statement from Garmin.

What’s still missing is Mac support for MapSource, which enables users to upload map data to Garmin GPS units through a Mac, and support for nRoute, which lets laptop users perform street navigation using Garmin GPS 10 Bluetooth or GPS 18 tethered USB sensors.

A Garmin spokesperson contacted by Macworld said the company will still make good on its promise to support Mac users with Mac OS X-native software, but couldn't say when such products would be available.

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