2007: The readers' predictions

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We’ve told you what we expect to transpire in 2007. But you have own thoughts on what to expect during the next 12 months. We know because we asked for your predictions, and you responded with dozens of comments in our forums.

Here’s a summary of a 10 things that you see shaking down in ’07, with choice commentary from Macworld.com forum members.

1. iLife ’07: “I don’t think we’re gonna get another iLife app since iWeb came out this year, but an iWork spreadsheet app will be released.”— Slade

2. Blu-ray drives on Macs: “[Mac Pros] have that empty optical drive bay… why fill it with 2 SuperDrives when you could have a Blu-ray drive in one and a SuperDrive in the other?”— SeanoVox

3. New iSight cameras: “I know the iMac and laptops have [iSights] all built in but there’s still a market for them. I have a Mac Pro and want to pick one up. Seems like almost everyone is sold out of them… maybe a new version is in the works or Apple is slowly killing it.”— fribhey

“New Cinema Displays with iSight cameras built-in.”— Grapho

4. An Apple-made cell phone: “Palm has fallen down on the job. The latest PDAs lack much to be desired, and I have no doubt that Apple can blow them all away. I would love to see a rollout similar to the iPod. Integrating with Macs and Apple apps and slowly broadening into a Windows market.”— doglesby

“I think the load of rumors, patents and now the slip from the manufacturing company all point to the fact an Apple Phone will become reality. And let’s face it, the phones we have now pretty much suck in terms of UI. Apple could reinvent the phone industry the same way it did with the music players in 2001.”— shadownight

5. Widescreen, touch-sensitive iPods: “Everything about the iPod (except the price) will improve dramatically.”— rgetter

“[The new iPod will] have [a] screen almost full size that is touch sensitive… on-screen navigation like the current wheel. Video over the entire screen when activated (viewed sideways). Better contacts and calendar and well very much like a Newton. In other words, an iPod, Pal and PSP all rolled into one. ”— downunder

6. Intel-native Adobe Creative Suite 3: “[Photoshop for the Intel Mac is] one of the reasons I haven’t bought a new Mac yet.”— jpmm

7. Quad-core Mac: “In a laptop with 8GB RAM limit.”— Ventzi_Zhechev

8. iWork ’07: “With spreadsheet app as new function; will interface with both Pages and Keynote for seamless report and presentation preparation.”— justme2

9. Smaller MacBooks or a tablet Mac: “A MiniBook would really be nice when designed as part of a whole system. A very small laptop that runs all the applications. Maybe 7-inches wide by 5-6-inches deep and 3/4-inches thick. Great for travel and with a desk docking station that has the CD/DVD drive it could be part of a whole system that hooks to a flat screen and full-sized keyboard.”— matts421

10. Expanded Final Cut Studio and/or Final Cut Express Studio: “I think a middle-tier bundle would be really appealing. Bundled will be: DVD Studio Express, which will fall in-between iDVD and DVD Studio Pro, functionality-wise; Final Cut Express HD (which already falls in-between iMovie and Final Cut Pro); Logic Express (which already falls in-between Garage Band and Logic Pro); and Motion Express.”— saxmike

“A new Final Cut Pro suite, including Shake and Finaltouch functionality directly in the main application. And since this post is almost a wish list, why not include a direct time remapping tool with ripple for offline fine tuning?”— zenfilm

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