A New Kind of Digiframe

Westinghouse frame scaled.jpg

[Written by Cathy Lu at Digital World]: If you can’t decide which is cuter—a picture of your two-year old with chocolate ice cream all over his face or that one where he’s rolling around in mud—you don’t have to make those tough choices anymore. While most digiframes display multiple pictures in slideshow format, Westinghouse has introduced a new kind of digital picture frame that can display a collage of pictures all at once. Just like those multiframes filled with embarrassing high-school yearbook photos that are plastered all over your grandparents’ house.

The DPF-0701 features a 7-inch 16:9 widescreen display, 16 megs of built-in memory, card slots for every format you can think of, and a USB port for transferring pics from your PC. It’s available this month for a reasonable $199.

[Via Digital World ]

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