All-in-one programmable remote from Evergreen


[Paul Kallender of Digital World Tokyo wrote]: Evergreen has come out with a remote control that can switch off your lights as well as let you fiddle with your PC and TV. Cool.

The EG-LR55 can actually be “programmed” to handle up to 10 devices and 410 commands, which is probably more than we ourselves could handle. Given the manic ability of Japan’s youth to punch out email on mobile phones, though, all that would just be a few minutes’ work for your average Shibuya gal.

Anyway, this 202 x 55 x 31mm, 115g portable command center will only set you back ¥3,980. Talk about pressing the right buttons…

(Via Evergreen [Japanese]; MT here )

Yoshi’s take: My goal of never having to leave the bathroom is nearing reality.

[Via Digital World Tokyo ]

Derik’s Thoughts: Seriously, can I nominate this for ugliest gadget of the year?

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