Amazon dumps Google in favor of Windows Live

Amazon dumps Google in favor of Windows Live:


Online retailer is now using Microsoft's Windows Live search to power search results for its Alexa toolbar and A9 search engine. Previously, the company used Google's search engine.

According to sources close to, A9 last Thursday added Windows Live search results in addition to those powered by Google. But on Monday, the contracts to use Google search for both A9 and Alexa expired, and Alexa that day also began using results powered by Windows Live. Now Windows Live is the sole search engine powering results for both services.

An Amazon spokesman Monday declined to comment on whether Amazon will renew its contracts with Google for A9 and Alexa.

Microsoft has been working diligently over the past two years to improve its search engine to compete with Google. Eventually, Windows Live Search, which is currently in beta, will replace its MSN Search product.

— Elizabeth Montalbano (IDG News Service)

[Via Digital World Tokyo ]

Derik's Thoughts: I noticed this today. I've been using A9 for the Amazon discount for some time, but I may stop because the only image results available are webshots, and I just can't be reduced to that.

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