An elegant phone for a more civilized age

Lightsaber phone
Not only did I apparently miss the R2-D2 projector at CES, but also the lightsaber-shaped USB Skype phone. Was there a Kitsch section of the exhibition hall that I missed or something? Maybe that's where that Yoda giggling I kept hearing was coming from. I dunno.

Anyway, yes, a lightsaber-shaped Skype phone, with a keypad integrated into the handle. I mean, this isn't reall the most convenient shape for a handset; it's a little clunky. But when you connect it to your computer, it makes lightsaber noises. Which won't at all look suspicious.

The real problem here is one of confusion. What if you mistake your real lightsaber for the lightsaber phone? Imagine the carnage .

[via New Launches ]

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