And you thought McDonald's coffee was dangerous

Wolfgang Puck Self-Heating Latte
It's a law: the more prevalent technology becomes in our everyday world, the more likely it is that said technology will catch on fire . The latest in the long line of flaming gadgets is celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck's self-heating lattes.

Consumer complaints have ranged from the product’s failure to reach an appropriately hot temperature to it actually overheating, spurting product from the can, leaking out of the can, or the calcium oxide heating mechanism adulterating the coffee itself, according to Groux.

“We have reports of chunks of white product, which we believe to be calcium oxide, that was found in the product, which means the heating element most likely leaked,” Groux said. “We have complaints of can meltdowns, curdled product, sour product, leaking cans.”


[via Engadget ]

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