Anyone know the AC on Dragon Skin?

Dragon Skin
It's frankly about time we saw an update to bulletproof vest technology. When I was younger, I thought bulletproof vests were just like, you know, vests—of the kind that you wore with a suit. Oh, those were the days.

But you know this vest means business because of its name: Dragon Skin armor . I mean, anybody who's ever played a little D&D in their day can vouch for the effectiveness of some Red Dragon Amor, kay? Though the Dragon Skin armor doesn't include heavy metal plates, the National Institute of Justice will be certifying the armor as resisting AK-47 rounds.

There's some dispute about how effective the Dragon Skin really is at stopping armor-piercing rounds, so it may not be a great choice to pack for your next trip to Iraq, despite it being flexible enough to easily fit into a carry-on.

[via Gizmodo ]

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