Canadian inventor creates Halo suit

Halo Suit
People seem to think that this guy who's developed a real-life suit of the kind worn by Halo protagonist Master Chief has gone slightly bonkers . I couldn't disagree more: Troy Hurtubise, you sir, are a genius . The Trojan suit can reputedly withstand knives, bullets, clubs, light explosives and an elephant gun. Who couldn't use one of these things? Best of all, he claims he could produce them for just $2000 a piece.

The suit is constructed from plastic (of the high-impact variety), with layers of ceramic for bullet protection, and ballistic foam. There's space for morphine, salt, a knife, light, pepper spray, and magnetic holsters for guns. The suit is supposedly even comfortable enough to sit for long periods.

Hurtubise supposedly wants to deal with the military to produce the suits for soldiers in war zones. I think it looks swell, but I have just one question: what if someone manages to sneak up behind you and push you over?

[via Engadget ]

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