Compact Fluorescent Lights are a bright (and cheap) idea

Compact Fluorescent Light
Money may make the world go round, but electricity makes it fun . Without electricity, it's safe to say, I would not be writing this right now. Instead, I'd be perched on a soap box in the middle of some crowded town square, shouting things at you with a megaphone constructed of rolled paper. Not as much fun by half .

Still, moderation in all things is best, and that's true even with electricity. Energy consumption rates are only going up, so every consumer has a responsibility to conserve as much as possible. Take the Compact Fluorescent Light, for example. Not only is it super bright, and cheap at just $3, but it uses 75%-80% less electricity than your average incandescent and can last for up to 10 years . If everyone in the US replaced just one incandescent 60W bulb with a CFL, the resulting energy saved would be enough to power the combined households of Delaware and Rhode Island.

My apartment has one of these in the back hallway, but now I'm thinking we should get some more. The more we save, the more I can use for my gadgets, right?

[via Gizmowatch ]

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