Completely transparent material will be great at parties

My major complaint about glass? It just isn't transparent enough. And not just because I don't clean my windows enough. I mean, think about it: you can still see reflections in it. You call that see-through?

Researchers at Japan’s Institute of Physical and Chemical Research shared my reservations, so they set out to create an entirely new 100% transparent material —a metamaterial that they made out of nano-coils of gold and silver embedded in a glass-like material that light passes through with no reflection at all. You can read the crazy Japanese press release here, but really, the diagram above should make it totally clear . Sorry. Sorry.

The benefits of this new material are manifold: new telescopes, cameras, and better fiber optics. Not to mention, of course, the hilarity that will ensue when people constantly walk into your metamaterial patio door.

[Via Engadget ]

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