Console Watch: Will PS3 feature free online play? And typo-free controllers?

Ken Kutaragi loves PS3
Sony Computer Entertainment Ken "It's a computer, okay?" Kutaragi spoke recently to Japanese site PC Impress Watch about the forthcoming console...what's it called again? The PlayDepot or something, I think (just kidding, Ken! Don't hurt us!). Ars Technica got ahold of the interview, and—clever boys—somebody who can translate Japanese, to bring us this interesting tidbit:

"We don’t charge for the basic functions of the network like matching services. Things like that are taken for granted on a PC, aren’t they? There’s the feeling of why a game console gets to charge for a service that’s normal on a PC. So, we just made the basic services available, and based our business on the contents," he said.

Well, whatever they do, we hope they .

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