Crass commercialism: Millennium Falcon Transformer abomination

Star Wars Transformer
As you get older, the price of your toys increases. We go from action figures to computers, video game consoles, cars, high-end home theater equipment, etc. But some toys will always be toys; I look back fondly on the days of yesteryear, when I had my hands full of Legos, Transformers, Star Wars action figures and so on.

But if you can make money with these things separately, imagine the possibilities of joining them: they could rule the galaxy as father and son. We've already seen Star Wars Legos (and Harry Potter , and a plethora of other franchises), so what else?

Well, there's a Transformers movie coming next summer, and there are no more Star Wars movies, so how about a Star Wars Transformer ? Hey, what's the most iconic vehicle in all of Star Wars ? The Millennium Falcon? What if it could turn into a giant robot . Would that make any sense at all? No? Who cares?

All right, all right. My age is showing. As a friend of mine pointed out, it's a good idea—as long as you're using good to mean "likely to make money." Today's kids probably don't care about the canon of properties from twenty years ago. But I do. I care.

[via Gizmodo ]

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