Daimler-Chrysler system WILLWARN you of trouble ahead

Nothing frustrates me more when I'm on the road than the idiocy of other drivers (I'm sure you're a fantastic driver, but those other people, well, not so much ). Since I can't in anyway control what they do, the least I can hope for is to be aware somehow of what's going on around me.

Daimler-Chrysler has been testing a system which would keep track of certain elements in a car (including brakes, stability controls, and thermometer) to figure out whether the vehicle has encountered a traffic slow down, bad weather, or other driving conditions. Best of all, this information would then be relayed, wirelessly, to other drivers nearby. So, you could know, for example, that there was a traffic jam a few miles ahead, and take a preemptive exit from the highway (of course, if everybody does that, you've just made a new traffic jam).

The system is called WILLWARN, which stands for "Wireless Local Danger Warning" and Daimler-Chrysler would like to share it with all car manufacturers. A splendid idea, if you ask me.

[via The Raw Feed ]

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