DaysAgo tells you to layoff the fungus-growing leftovers

If you're a longtime Gadgetbox reader, you might remember the Timestrips that we covered back in June; stick it on your perishables, and you'd know how much time you had left to consume them before they went south. While those are pretty cool, they do lack a reusability feature.

Instead, you might consider the DaysAgo digital timer. The timer affixes to the top of a container and the display on the top shows you how many days have elapsed, up to 99. To reset the time, just hold down the button; a quick press will show you hours instead of days.

The timers are available in packs of two with either suction or magnetic attachments; either way, the duo costs $12 and comes in one of four random colors: Blueberry, Lime, Tangerine, and Charcoal. They use replaceable batteries, too, so you'll be able to keep yours running indefinitely.

[via Shiny Shiny ]

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