Digital sand timer uses digital sand, natch

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Digital Timer
Some ideas are too bizarre for me to think about them too long. I'm worried that if I do, something in my mind will just snap . A digital hourglass falls in the category quiet neatly. Hourglasses work on sand . There's something refreshingly analog about timing things based on the measured flow of a physical substance—it's the kind of thing that gives you respect for the scientists of yore who concocted systems like this without any fancy-shmancy chips or circuits.

So what do we do? We digitize it, effectively mocking all of their hard work by asking in pure innocence: well, why didn't you just use virtual sand , smarty pants? Huh?

The digital hourglass can be used as a timer, a stopwatch, or a clock. All for the price of $17.95. Which is probably a bit more than a traditional hourglass. But hey, it's digital , remember?

[via Oh Gizmo! ]

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