Displays without borders, er, wires

Wireless HDMI Adapter
The wonderful thing about our world (and, for that matter, Tiggers ) is innovation . Sure, we can transmit high definition video over a cable from our spiffy HD optical disc player or non-existent PS3 to our HD display, but then some thoughtful soul goes: "hey, that's all well and good...but can we lose the wires?"

And after some rejiggering, the brilliant engineers go "Sure, why not?" Thus we end up with a wireless HDMI tech that uses Ultra-wideband (UWB), the same tech behind Wireless USB. Tzero Technologies and Analog Devices's Wireless HDMI Adapter may look like a non-descript black box—okay, it is a non-descript black box—but it allows you freedom . Freedom to transmit an HDMI video signal over 30 meters of nothingness . The device uses Analog Devices's JPEG2000 video codec to compress the HDMI signal before transmission, and uncompress it on the other side, which makes me wonder if there's a question of latency. The device should be out in the next couple of weeks priced "similar to other WiFi devices," so hopefully all our questions will be answered.

[via Engadget ]

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