Evergreen's HDMI switch helps you keep your wallet evergreen

Evergreen HDMI switch
On the off chance you've got more than one HDMI device sitting around and yet—horror of horrors!—you have but one HDMI input on your mega-monster HD display, relax. Evergreen's got an HDMI switch that should fix your problems all speedy like. It's a tiny little box that I'm going to have to describe in tremendous detail if I have any hope of making this post long enough. Simple enough: two HDMI signals enter, only one leaves . Well, at a time.

Anyway, jack in your PS3 and your HD DVD player and then hit the appropriate button to switch back and forth. Even a child can do it. Well, a child that knows how to press buttons. There's also an infrared remote that lets you do the switchy-switchy from the comfort of your couch, but the real high point is the device's low point: it's $82 pricetag. Nice.

[via GizmoWatch ]

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