Fastest pasta cooker in the Far East

Pasta Cooker
I'm kind of a carb fiend, so I love the pasta. A while back, I started buying thin spaghetti, as I found that it cooks much faster than traditional spaghetti. And yet, it still takes far too long . Seven or eight minutes? That's ages, when the hunger is gnawing at your innards.

Trust the Japanese to concoct a gadget to solve my problems. This sucker might look like some sort of crazy coffee urn, but it's a super spaghetti cooker that'll get your pasta al dente in just three minutes. I think they should call it the Faster-Than-Pasta (FTP) drive. But maybe that's just me.

Anyways, it's only available in Japan at the moment—and my complete lack of knowledge of Japanese means that I have no idea how much it costs—but I hope fervently that changes soon. Add this to a rice steamer and a bread maker, and pretty soon I'll have a gadget for making every sort of carb known to man. Muhahahahhahaha.

[via Gizmodo ]

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