Finally, a license plate frame that lets me truly express my feelings

Scrolling License Plate Frame
I liked the idea of the Driv-e-mocion, but this is more like it. No pre-canned messages or smiley faces; just your own pure, unadulterated, deepest-seated feelings , shared with the son of a gun that's been tailgating you for the past two miles.

The $40 Scrolling License Plate Frame boasts a built-in scrolling LED message strip which can run messages of up to 120 characters. The catalog page (at Sharper Image, natch) suggests the following usages:

Display greetings, business/website information, driving suggestions, marital status, sports scores, jokes, trivia, song lyrics — the possibilities are endless!

Can I come up with five messages that cover every possible eventuality? Well, I can come up with one that covers pretty much all of them. Only I can't write it here.

[via Gizmos for Geeks ]

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