FlareSafe is a one piece light and sound show

Yesterday, it was a self-recharging smoke alarm. We continue day two of what I've dubbed our safety extravaganza with the FlareSafe Flashlight. Not only does this water resistant torch incorporate military grade plastic and use an LED bulb, but this sucker has a secret trick up its sleeve: a detachable smoke detector.

That's right: a smoke detector. Twist the back and it activates a sensor with a 110dB alarm. When the alarm sounds, the flashlight also turns on (helpful, as long as you don't park it with the bulb facing down), letting you get up and get out in a hurry.

The FlareSafe might look like an ideal gadget for camping, and at $84, it's not too too expensive. Just don't turn on the detector and leave it next to the campfire. Also, it's apparently great for dolphins .

[via OhGizmo! ]

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