"Float 'n' click" mouse from Focal


[Paul Kallender of Digital World Tokyo writes]: Focal’s MiniPRO mouse works even when it’s gliding through midair. “Float ‘n’ click” indeed! Well, OK, Focal calls it the “wrist and click.”

While in the midst of its human-assisted levitation trick, the mouse’s left button lets you go back one page on IE while the right lets you go forward. For Mac users, there’s a Contour Mouse version that does its own thing with the vastly superior Safari. Apart from all this up-in-the air jiggery pokery, the 800dpi MiniPRO weighs 52g and costs ¥4,980.

(Via Focal [Japanese]; MT here )

[Via Digital World Tokyo ]

Derik’s Thoughts: Contour Mouse mentioned.

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