For migraine sufferers, the answer is electric. Boogie woogie woogie.

TMS device
I've always counted myself pretty lucky that I don't suffer from migraines. Having seen friends crippled by these headaches over the years, I really have no wish to experience anything other than the occasional headaches that result from actually hitting my head into things (it's not easy being tall, okay?).

Still, the idea that technology holds the solution to foregoing these regular occurrences, well, I'm all for that. Scientists at Ohio State University have developed a device called the TMS. By briefly creating an electromagnetic field, TMS is supposed to disrupt migraines in what's called the "aura phase," before the headache actually occurs. In a small study, 69% of those who tried TMS reported that they ended up with little or no pain, as opposed to 48% of a placebo group. The TMS may also be successful in treating noise and light sensitivity and nausea.

Which means I'll be bringing one of these with me next time somebody makes me sit through a sappy chick flick.

[via Engadget ]

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