Format War '06: HD DVD burner appears, surrounded by Blu-Ray burners

Toshiba SD-L902A HD DVD burner
That'll teach me to wonder. The other week I was mentioning that while we've seen a few Blu-Ray burners pop into the public eye, the opposing camp of HD DVD has been rather short in the writing department . At the Computex trade show that recently concluded in Taiwan, one of the first HD DVD burners was shown off, though it was somewhat outnumbered by its Blu-Ray cousins.

Toshiba, proud papa of the HD DVD standard, displayed the 12mm thick SD-L902A (god, I just love alphanumeric product numbers), a HD DVD-R drive that appears to be destined for laptops.

Meanilwhile, vendors Asus and BenQ hawked their dual-layer Blu-Ray drives, due sometime later this year. None of the three drives had pricing or release date information, so you'll just have to be patient and wait. But know this: the revolution is coming. And it will be disc shaped.

[via Engadget ]

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