GameCube: "I'm not dead yet!"

Game Cube
Yeah, yeah: it's Wii-this and Wii-that, but the GameCube's been around the block, okay? It's got over 500 games, and it doesn't need any fancypants motion-sensing controller, you hear me? You want that new Zelda game? It's got that. Plus, unlike the Wii, you can actually find one. And they're only getting cheaper.

News on the GameCube's demise had gone back and forth with no less than Perrin Kaplin, Nintendo of America VP of marketing, saying that production of the 'Cube had ceased. But that statement has been overruled by an official statement from Nintedo: "We are continuing to manufacture and sell Nintendo GameCube, which is an ideal entry-level value system and has a strong library of games."

So if you're looking to pick yourself up a nice game system on the cheap, you could do worse than Nintendo's "last-gen" console.

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