Get ready for a close up with the Mobile Phone Telescope

Mobile Phone Telescope
I enjoyed my cameraphone...for about fifteen minutes. I barely use it nowadays—it's handy, but the pictures it takes are just too grainy. But the quality of cameraphones is constantly increasing. However, the one thing that they might be stuck with is that terrible digital zoom. Optical zoom is far superior, but it's pretty tough to fit a zoom lens in a cell phone.

If you're desperately in need, though, Brando's got you covered with their new $19 Mobile Phone Telescope. This add-on lens fastens to your cell with an elastic band and gives you a 6x optical zoom, letting you take those elusive paparazzi shots of celebrities going shopping, picking their nose, or whatever it is celebrities do in their spare time.

Unfortunately, the telescope is only compatible with a handful of Sony Ericsson phones, the K750i, W800i, W810i, and W5500i/W600i, so me and my Motorola are out of luck. Darn.

[via Shiny Shiny ]

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