Google CEO says no plans for browser

Eric Schmidt
For those who've been long awaiting the appearance of the mythical GBrowser, Google's entry in the web browser market, well, you're more likely to see Godot show up. In a conference call, Google CEO Eric Schmidt said the search engine company has no plans to release a browser, and cited the plethora of excellent alternatives already in existence:

The way Google operates, we would not build a browser for the fun of building a browser and creating another choice... We would only do something along the lines you're describing if there was a real end-user benefit. So far, we've seen the end-user benefit has been to augment or expand both AJAX and JavaScript, which is available on all the browsers. We're working closely with Firefox, we have a good partnership with Safari and with Opera and a couple of others as well. That seems like a good answer for us right now, strategically.

[via Ars Technica ]

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