GPS and Camera add-ons coming for PSP

Look, just because we unabashedly share our love for the Nintendo DS doesn't mean we don't remember there's another game in town. So, yeah, maybe we're a little late talking about the GPS and camera add-ons to the PSP, but, well, we're busy, right? There's only so much we can cover. Besides, they're Japan-only for the time being, so hold your horses.

Anyway, in case it wasn't clear from the above: GPS and camera add-ons are forthcoming for the PlayStation Portable. The camera will run about ¥5000 (~$43), coming out on November 2nd, while the GPS receiver will go for ¥6000 (~$51) and appear magically on December 7th. As for their use, there are some details on the GPS receiver which will apparently not only function independently as a directional device, but also be used in games like Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops . Which is good for people like me, who have perfectly adequate directional sense in the real world but are constantly getting lost in virtual realms.

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