Grab a tissue, er, CD sleeve

Elecom CD sleeve dispenser
There's nothing— nothing —worse than burning a fresh CD and not having anywhere to put it. Sure, you could do the traditional putting-it-upside-down-onyour-desk trick, but when you're burning a bunch of CDs, not only do you start to run out of desktop space, but pretty soon you're playing CD "Memory," flipping over each disk to find out if it's the one you're looking for.

Wouldn't it be useful to just be able to pluck out a fresh CD sleeve and pop your burned creation right into it? Sure! That's why Elecom came up with these tissue box-style CD sleeve cases. Just keep it on your desk, and slide one out when you need to sheath that newly-minted disc. $7 will nab you a pack in blue, pink, or white, though you'll have to ship 'em from Japan.

[via OhGizmo! ]

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