Handy handless can opener

Hands Free Can Opener
If there's a hallmark to my generation, I would say it's selective laziness. I, for example, will spend five minutes trying to turn off my lights with an extended tape measure, rather than spend the two seconds it would take to get up and turn them off. Last night, rather than take a shower and go to bed, I ended up getting sidetracked into a programming project. And, of course, I spent a couple of hours setting up a wireless bridge rather than spend the extra cash.

Reasons like this are why the Hands Free Can Opener appeals to me. I simply cannot be bothered to open my own cans. Especially if it requires finding a can opener—in truth, I'm not even sure that I really own one. But pop a couple of AA batteries in this, put it on top of Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup (with stars!), and a moment later you'll have a delicious dinner ready to heat, and a can with no sharp edges. A device that lets me eat and not cut myself: Now if that's not worth $25, I don't know what is.

[via Ubergizmo ]

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