Have a ball...and some ice cream

Ice Cream Ball
I know we shared the soft serve ice cream love with you previously, but frankly, when it comes right down to it, I'm more or less strictly a traditional ice cream sort of guy. I lamented—okay, whined a little—about our old hand-cranked ice cream maker, but it was tough on my sensitive wrists .

The $45 Ice Cream Ball seems like a good solution to the problem. One chamber gets filled with ice and rock salt, while the central one contains all the delicious ingredients. You then roll, shake, and toss the sucker around (no kicking, unless you want liquid ice cream all over the place) for about 20 minutes, and presto : something that vaguely resembles ice cream. I'm sure it works great.

Then again, if you have, um, access to small children, they'll probably be more than happy to play with a ball for 20 minutes. Just don't tell them what's inside, or you'll be having rock salt and ice for dessert. Mmmm.

Update: As Derik points out below, you can actually get these at LL Bean for just $30.

[via Gadget Candy ]

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