Have a Hutt-tastic Christmas

Jabba the Hutt
What's chubby, wears a Santa hat, and laughs like this: "ho ho ho!" Why, Jabba the Hutt in a Santa hat, of course. The Hutt is well known to be quite the fan of Christmas. In fact, we've managed to snag his Amazon Wish List:

1. Han Solo (Carbonite wrapping optional)
2. Chewbacca the Wookiee
3. Slave girl to fit gold bikini
4. Delicious alien frogs
5. New hookah
6. Interpreter droid
7. Dress-up clothes for Salacious Crumb
8. Thumping stereo for sail barge
9. Rancor food (on second thought, it's more fun if you don't feed it)
10. 8GB iPod nano

One thing notably absent from Jabba's list is a $13,000 full scale replica of himself, constructed of polyurethane foam, coated with a polyester medium layer. Think of the booby trap potential! Well, if Jabba doesn't want one, that hardly stops you from putting it on your own list.

[via New Launches ]

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