H-Bomb keeps you warm and toasty

I'm sure they've tested this idea. I mean, nobody's going to sell a power-heated wetsuit without ensuring that the potential for electrocution is, at the very least, minimal. Right? Right?

While I'm glad that arctic surfers can now enjoy their pastime with a lower risk of hypothermia and, well, death , this probably isn't a gadget that I'd ever get much use out of. Though I suppose that it could come in handy on the cold winter nights of New England—it's like having your own form-fitted electric blanket. Perfect for avoiding that significant other's constantly ice-like feet.

To get into the nitty-gritty, the suit (reassuringly called the H-Bomb—after all, who doesn't like clothing named after thermonuclear weaponry?) is powered by Polymer Li-ion batteries, which of course prompts the question: how fast do you think you'd be propelled through the water should your wetsuit explode ?

[via Popgadget ]

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