Here comes the sun-based charging system

Solar Charger
Batteries, batteries. They power all sorts of gadgets today, and they're constantly in need of replacing, recharging, or what have you: it's all a drain on the old natural resources. This four battery Solar Charger is out to prevent such needless waste by powering up your cells with sweet, sweet thermonuclear energy—straight from the Sun itself.

Four NiMh batteries can be charged at a time, of AAA, AA, C, or D sizes (don't mix them though); they'll hit full capacity in as little as six hours, given a sunny day. There are also adapters for plugging your small electronics in directly. While batteries aren't included, the unit itself runs for just $14 at present, so if you've got NiMh batteries lying around, it might be a handy alternative.

[via Red Ferret Journal ]

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