High tech piracy: stealing whole companies

Careful: that NEC MP3 player you bought for cheap on your last business trip may not be what it seems. The Japanese electronics company announced recently that it had uncovered a comprehensive plot to pirate not just NEC products, but the brand itself.

It sounds almost like something out of BBC con artist show Hustle : a cadre of people passing themselves off as NEC executives, down to the business cards, contracting manufacturing deals from factories to build more than fifty counterfeit NEC products that were then sold on shelves from Asia to Europe.

NEC launched an investigation of the fake devices, which in many cases even included false warranty documents and manuals, yielding information about two organizations in Taiwan and Japan that had been colluding with one another to assume the NEC brand.

Guess it's not just us average citizens who fall prey to identify theft.

[via Engadget ]

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