High-Speed Home Networking Made Easier

Powerline HD Ethernet Adapter
[ Emru Townsend at Digital World writes: ]

Do you like the idea of networking your house, connecting your computer and its goodies to your home theater and game systems and all their goodies? Yeah, me too. Do you cringe at the thought of running Ethernet cable through your walls? Yeah, me too. That's why I think powerline networking -- which uses existing electrical wiring to carry network traffic -- will catch on.

Netgear has announced the 200-mbps Powerline HD Ethernet Adapter, specifically for connecting your PC, game system, network storage, DVR, and assorted other gadgets to each other. Its (theoretical) 200 mbps speed and VQoS (Video Quality of Service, which prioritizes video, VoiP and similar data over other network traffic) should allow it to transfer HD video seamlessly.

The $249 Powerline HD Ethernet Adapter Kit contains two adapters, cables, and everything you need to get started. Individual adapters are $129.

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