Holy keyboard to hit Japan soon


[Paul Kallender writes]: In what's not being hailed as a revolutionary breakthrough, a Japanese company called Sigma A.P.O has developed a spill-resistant keyboard that's got holes drilled in it to let the coffee, beer, juice, etc. escape.

Now that's what you'd call a cunning plan! The other great thing about the WRKB108 is that the keys are coated with some special form of UV paint that makes them super strong, dirt repellent and, we hope, able to keep their identification. Unlike some keyboards we could mention. In fact, you can hit them 5 million times, claims Sigma, without wear and tear.

The keyboard is remarkably keyboard-sized and -shaped and weighs in at 650g. The WRKB108 will cost ¥2,980 when it goes on sale next week.

(Via Sigma A.P.O [Japanese, PDF])

Yoshi's take: I'd like to meet the guy they paid to hit this thing 5 million times. Oh wait, no I wouldn't.

[Via Digital World Tokyo ]

Derik's Thoughts: As someone who has ruined several keyboards by spilling beer in them, this sounds like a great idea. Took too long for it to arrive.

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