How's the traffic? Ask Google.

Google Mobile Maps
Technology, at its best, is about solving real life problems. So here's one that's all too common in the Boston metropolitan area in which I make my abode: traffic. It's not that we have more cars than most other cities, it's just that we have weirder roads and stupider drivers. But put those together and you get sitting at a standstill on Storrow on a Sunday morning.

So Google's put their minds to the task and come up with a solution. They'd already rolled out Google Maps for cellphones a while back, so now they've added real-time traffic overlays. Routes are color-coded: red means congestion, yellow and orange slow traffic, and green clear as day.

I haven't been able to test this, as I don't have a web-enabled cellphone, but I'm assured by Google Software Engineer Josh Sachs that it is "the new hotness."

[via Digital World ]

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