I Strain, You Strain, We All Strain With Eyestrain

I Strain, You Strain, We All Strain With Eyestrain:

The latest technological-related health scare comes by way of a Wall Street Journal report (reprinted in Monday’s Baltimore Sun ) that looking at teeny tiny screens on iPods, PDAs, and cell phones for hours on end is leading to an eyestrain epidemic.

While this may cause you to rethink the benefits of downloading and watching the entire season of Lost on your iPod, in some ways this is a cut-and-paste of the same warnings ergonomics experts have long made about staring at computer screens continuously. Similarly, the solution is the same: take a break every once in a while, people!

[Via Emru Townsend of Digital World ]

Derik’s Thoughts: I always thought watching things on your iPod was pushing it, but now they’re promoting cell phones and I can’t imagine that’s pleasant in any way.

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