Insoles keep your feet warm all through winter

Heated Insoles
Winter's a-comin', and up here in the Northeast, it's coming soon. Today's high hopes to reach a balmy 58°F. It's time to get prepared with long underwear, layered clothes, and—most importantly— heated insoles. Remember, frostbite starts at the extremities. What better way to stave it off than with warm, cozy shoes.

They're largely intended for ski boots, but I don't see what would prevent you from slipping them into your everyday winter wear. Just attach the insole to the included battery pack, which hangs outside of your shoes and snag the wireless remote, which goes to 11 10. The battery charges in 30 minutes and lasts 10 hours. Available in men's sizes 3-14 (apparently I'd need an XXLarge) and women's sizes 4-11 for a scant $350. But when it comes to frostbite, is there any price too high?

[via SCI FI Tech ]

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